U.S. based

Graham Industries-http://www.grahamind.com/index.html An American manufacturer of a two cylinder slide valve reversing steam engine suitable for powering steam boat models. The engine comes in kit form and does not require any special tools. They also make other steam engines.

U.K. based

Martin Howes Baylis - www.model-steam-boats.co.uk A manufacturer of very high quality, superbly detailed and refined traditional European steam launches.

Kingston Moulding www.kingstonmouldings.co.uk An English source for high quality steam launch hulls and well as other types of hulls.

Cheddar Models -This English provider of what is probably the premier line of steam engines, boilers and associated accessories in the world went under in 2006. You can get parts at www.clevedonsteam.co.uk

John Hemmens www.steamengines.co.uk An English manufacturer of steam engines and ready made boilers.


The North American Steamboat Modeller's Association (NASMA) was
formed in 1999 by two model steamboat enthusiasts. It was created to
serve as a friendly forum, by which steamboat modellers could share
ideas and construction tips, locate manufacturers and suppliers of
good quality products for steam modellers, not always an easy task in
the US apparently, and also present and exchange ideas on members’
current and future project ideas. NASMA publishes a newsletter four
times a year which provides a useful information exchange for its
members. Membership has been growing steadily and the group is
always interested in recruiting new members from all over North
America. For information on a subscription to the newsletter or just for
more information regarding NASMA and its aims, contact Steve
Siegel at stefans@enter. net You can also send mail inquiries to: 

Steve Siegel
P.O. Box 802
Fogelsville, PA, 18051