Tower Hobbies- www.towerhobbies.com A compressive provider of RC hobby supply.  They carry Dumas, Midwest, Billings kits as well as various accessory items.  They also carry RC radios, servers, battery chargers, batteries, linkage components, and building supplies. 

Horizon Hobby – www.horizonhobby.com – General supplier of parts and kits for the boating, car and airplane hobbies.

HobbyPartz – www.hobbypartz.com - General supplier of parts and equipment to the car, airplane and boating hobbies. 

Harbor Models - www.harbormodels.com An extensive line of model boat kits, fittings, and accessories.

Off Shore Electric – www.offshoreelectrics.com – Although focused largely on fast electric boats (most too fast for our pond!), they do carry lots of parts for electric boats in general.  

The Floating Drydock - www.floatingdrydock.com This company provide an extensive selection of ships plans, plan books, other publications, and fittings primarily for military models.

Model Expo - www.modelexpo-online.com A long time distributor of all types of model boat related products they carry Midwest models as well as some non U.S. brands.  They also have tools, fittings, building supplies, paint, and books.

HR Products -  www.hrprod.com A well known American manufacturer of fittings from cast metal available in many different scales.

Evan Designs – www.modeltrainsoftware.com – Great source for LED lighting for boats, listed under “Hobby LEDs”

Micro Mark – www.micromark.com – Specializing in tools and equipment for hobbyists (incl 3D printers).  Located in New Jersey! 

Midwest - www.midwestproducts.com Used to sell kits. Now a good supplier of materials from balsa to carbon fiber


Model Dockyard - www.model-dockyard.com An English mail order company that has an extensive web site, and a broad selection of RC model boat kits, fittings, drive components, accessories, and books.

Westbourne Model Center - www.westbourne-model.co.uk Another English supplier with an extensive line of products