When do we sail?

We typically meet from March to October on every 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the Month from around 9am to about 4pm. However, times sometimes change due to weather and events, so always check the calendar on this site for the next sail!

What boats do we sail?

Anything that doesn't have a gasoline engine. We have RC sailboats, electric RC scale boats of all kinds, steam driven boats, electric racing boats, and also a steam-driven racing boat. Come and bring what you have!

Where do we sail?

We are sponsored by the Village of South Orange Department of Recreation & Cultural Affairs and are grateful for their support of our interests.

We typically sail at the Meadowbrook Duck Pond in South Orange, NJ. However, exceptions apply, so always check the calendar of events.




Where can I park?

When there is no other event, you can park at the South Orange Middle school (enter from North Ridgewood road). There is also street parking along Mead street and Meadowbrook lane.

We are allowed to drive to the pond to load and unload (See "how do I get my boat to the pond" below)

How do I get my boat to the pond?

We are allowed to drive to the pond to load and unload. You can (slowly) enter the park from Mead Street or from the Middle School parking lot (in the back left corner)

What should I bring?

Your boats! A folding table and chair is useful. Some sun protection. Lunch if you want (there are multiple choices for food in town ~5-7 minutes walk away). Anything else you can think of that you need for RC boating!